Saturday, 24 July 2010


Just got back from the Kent Beer Festival. Lots of interest in my project from those lovely CAMRA folk. Shame that the cheapest beer was £2.70 a pint and there was a 5p premium on halves. At least it was better than Chelmsford, where there was a 10p premium on thirds. Hope to do better than that at the Conqueror. Not long now to the Ramsgate FC Festival (next Friday & Saturday) where there will be no price hike for those that want to try beers in lesser quantities.


  1. Premiums of halves .... one of my pet hates. Surely it costs the same to serve a half as it does a pint? Strikes me as a shameless way to squeeze a few extra pence out of the punter ... with no legitimate reason for the increase.

  2. A half pint's profit contributes significantly less to the fixed costs of the festival than a pint's, so in that respect a price difference is perfectly justified.

    Rather than consider it a premium for a half think about it as a discount on a pint.

  3. But you still sell the other half, so you get a full pint's profit. Anyway, don't discounts on larger quantities encourage binge drinking?:)