Friday, 1 April 2011

It's Here!

A brand new beer is available today, exclusive to the Conqueror. Gadds' Smooth, a nitro-keg version of Gadds' Number 4 is the brewery's first attempt at pressurised beer. Using German Erstenavril malt, Chinese hop pellets and water from St Jude's well on the Isle of Sheppey, brewer Eddie Gadd has created a beer to rival even the great John Smith's Smooth. Gadds' Smooth has a flowery aroma with a sweet bitterness and a finish reminiscent of Czech dates. Ten pence for every pint ordered will go to The Conqueror's chosen charity, the Medway Queen Preservation Society.


  1. Well, it sounds like just the thing to kick off with tonight so you can count on me to be chewing your doorknob off at opening time to get some of this.
    I hope it is a match for his other new offering this month, the Zwei Brauereien Festivalkatzepils. They will have to gag me and chain me down in the Punch & Judy's cellar to stop me getting off my threepennies with that stuff this Easter.

  2. I was gagged and chained down in Judy's cellar once. Cost a fortune.

  3. Finally Gadds' get their act together and brew something decent! :P


  4. Eddie - why o why??? Smooth beer - wtf!!